A Burgeoning Conscious

Vinyl Dear Reader, Armed boats came down, enacting foreign governments’ hostile imperialistic justifications. Kids learn most notions of power quietly, reasonably surmising that unrelenting violence works. Xoxo,Yesterday’s Zeitgeist (2023)

Scholar’s Rock

Mockup No. 1 The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) invited me to create a permanent installation for their rooftop garden, a piece that would honor the legacies of LSE’s most distinguished alumni; Dr. Mayling Birney was first on their list.  Dr. Mayling Birney was a leading figure in the study of Chinese …

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My, Look How Far We’ve Come

The Town of Davidson commissioned My, Look How far We’ve Come. Located in North Carolina, the work draws its design and concept from southern signs that enforced segregation. In the town, railroad tracks along Main Street acted as an unofficial dividing line and demarcated predominantly White, wealthy neighborhoods from poorer, Brown communities. Installing a banner with …

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Phillis & Olaudah

The multihued form in Phillis and Olaudah is a digital manipulation of a physical archive that contains a decade of personal writings and records. It collects and carries histories. This still image parallels the stories of two African contemporaries. In the 18th century, Phillis Wheatley and Olaudah Equiano were stolen and enslaved as children. They …

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Untitled Dumpty

In November 2020, Untitled Dumpty  was set to appear on a digital billboard located at the intersection of Andrew Young International Blvd and Peachtree Street in Atlanta, GA.  From 1870 – 1923, Georgia’s Governor’s Mansion occupied that site. During that period, Union troops left the American South and the Reconstruction Era ended. The political, social and …

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OBSzine #16

“The U.S. is at a changing threshold. Let’s hope it doesn’t all get diluted in a big puddle of ambiguity. It would be great if our society had the power to regenerate, to heal the untenable parts of the past and invent itself anew. It’s the whole Euro-American Empire that needs to restart. Alas, past empires have …

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Broken English [Prologue]

Broken English is an artist’s book about European colonization and its effect on modern society, especially regarding language. The Prologue and Punctuation Marks blend English dictionaries with languages from Britain’s former colonies. In this case, India and East Africa. Punjabi, Swahili and English intermingle in a composed cacophony. Having imposed itself on every page, the …

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