It Fit The Description


It Fit the Description is both an autobiographical narrative and a social critique. It’s based on an incident in pre-k when a white boy approached me and said, “You’re black”. I replied, “No I’m not. I’m brown”. I grabbed a brown and a black crayon and held them to my skin to prove that the brown crayon matched me, not the black one. He looked stumped and said, “Well that’s what my dad told me. He said you’re black.” I asked if he wanted to find the teacher with me and ask which color I was. He nodded and off we went. My recollection ends there.

With that memory in mind, I removed wrappers from brown crayons and rewrapped them with labels from black crayons. It’s a comment about how the diversity found in a spectrum of brown skin tones is categorized as one color. With this particular piece, I am illustrating how this becomes an issue when police interact with African Americans. The sounds of sirens and “Ring Around The Rosie”, a nursery rhyme about The Black Death, extend the narrative.